showcases the writings of author Brent Marchant, who focuses on metaphysical, spiritual and new age topics, especially as how they're depicted in the movies.
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*  Get a taste of Brent’s book, Get the Picture: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies, with a free PDF sampler! The downloadable text file features the book’s Table of Contents, Introduction, Chapters 1 and 2, and Epilogue. Just complete the Email Signup Form, and get ready to download your copy! Please complete the signup form, and upon confirmation of your email address, the download page will open. To download the PDF sampler, right click on the book cover or the text title next to it, and choose “Save Target As” to a location on your computer and enjoy.

… And after an appetizer like that, you’ll no doubt want the full meal! Get your own full copy of Get the Picture through the link on the Store Page.

*  Sample the contents of the informative and enlightening online magazine VividLife ( through an online e-book produced by the VividLife staff! This comprehensive work features an anthology of the site’s many diverse contributors, including Brent’s submission, Law of Attraction and the Silver Screen. To get your copy of VividLife: Open & Unleash Your Ultimate Life—Money, Mind, Body, Soul, click here.

*  Check out the rich, uplifting content of the web site FengSHe ( through its online e-book, The reBalance Principle, an anthology of the site’s insightful contributing writers. This valuable resource includes Brent’s submission, A Delicate Balance, a thoughtful piece on using conscious creation to establish, restore and maintain balance in one’s life. To get your copy, visit the FengSHe home page and sign up for the site’s free newsletter, after which a link to the e-book will be emailed to you as your gift for subscribing.

Online Writings

The following is a list of Brent’s current and past online writings:

Brent Marchant Current Blog (March 2011-present).

Brent Marchant Original Blog, archived at (November 2007-March 2011).

Brent Marchant Current movie reviews, VividLife, (July 2009-present). This online magazine features metaphysical information in a variety of forms by a variety of contributors. To access Brent’s entries, visit the site’s home page and click on the “Arts & Entertainment” tab and the “Movies” entry from the pull-down menu.

Brent Marchant Ongoing posts on metaphysics, FengSHe, (August 2010-present). This content-based web site features metaphysical information in a variety of forms by a variety of contributors. Brent’s entries appear on a variety of the site’s pages. Visit the FengSHe home page and click on Brent’s name in the contributor roster to take you to a list of his submissions.

Brent Marchant Various articles, The Manifest-Station, (ongoing). This content-based web site features metaphysical information in a variety of forms by a variety of contributors. Check out Brent’s articles by visiting the site’s home page, clicking on the “Free” tab and scrolling down to the “Articles” page.

Brent Marchant 10 Law of Attraction Lessons in Film, online gallery,, available at Film.aspx (March 2009).

Brent Marchant Seth Goes to the Movies, article, (July 2009). Available through the site’s article file at

Brent’s list of online writings is always growing and changing, so check back periodically for updates and additions.


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Brent Marchant
Author, Get the Picture: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies

Contributing Writer for the web site FengSHe (
Featured Contributor, Arts & Entertainment, for the online magazine VividLife
The Manifest Station

Contributor, the Manifest-Station

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