A Round-up of New Movies in Theaters, Online and Available for Home Viewing

'The Dig'

‘The Dig’

Despite fine production values and an excellent performance by Ralph Fiennes, this elegant fact-based period piece about a lonely widowed …
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'Quo Vadis, Aida?'

‘Quo Vadis, Aida?’

The Srebenica Massacre of 1995 was one of the most horrific incidents of the Bosnian War, and the chilling events …
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'17 Blocks'

’17 Blocks’

Culled from 20 years of raw video footage, this up-close look at a Washington, DC family afflicted by the perils …
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'My Darling Supermarket'

‘My Darling Supermarket’

This quirky documentary about the lives and outlooks of employees at a Brazilian supermarket examines their unexpectedly profound insights about …
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'Night of the Kings'

‘Night of the Kings’

Stylish though it may be, this drama/fantasy about a storytelling ritual carried out in a remote prison ruled by inmates …
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'Bad Education'

‘Bad Education’

Despite a slow opening, this fact-based tale about the largest school funding embezzlement case in US history manages to get …
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'A Glitch in the Matrix'

‘A Glitch in the Matrix’

Is our reality a genuine phenomenon unto itself, or is it the product of some elaborate computer-generated program? While this …
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“Courage under fire” is an expression that could best be used to describe Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh. The …
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When a tragic 2015 fire in Bucharest’s Colectiv nightclub killed 64 and injured 143, with 37 of the victims dying …
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