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This Week in Movies with Meaning

Reviews of “Hunt for the Wilderpeople,” “Our Little Sister” and “Captain Fantastic” are all in the latest Movies with Meaning post on the Blog Page of The Good Radio Network, available by clicking here.

Troubled teen Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison, left) and cantankerous bush farmer Hec Faulkner (Sam Neill, right) make an unlikely duo on the run in the offbeat new buddy/road trip comedy, “Hunt for the Wilderpeople.” Photo courtesy of The Orchard.

A bike ride through the cherry blossoms with a friend (Oshiro Maeda, foreground) brings joy to Suzu Asano (Suzu Hirosu, background) in the new family drama, “Our Little Sister.” Photo by Akimi Yoshida, Shogakukan, Fuji Television Network Inc., Shogakukan Inc., courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.

Ben Cash (Viggo Mortensen, right) leads several of his children (from left, Nicholas Hamilton, Samantha Isler, Annalise Basso, George McKay) through rigorous physical training in the woods in the unconventional family drama, “Captain Fantastic.” Photo by Erik Simkins, courtesy of Bleecker Street Media.

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