Attention From the Media

Brent’s work routinely draws attention from the media, including radio interviews, book reviews, and social media and Internet posts. Here are links to select examples of recognition for Brent’s work.

Radio Interviews

Brent is a seasoned guest on broadcast, podcast and Internet radio shows. Here’s a sample of links to some of his radio show interviews over the years:



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Book Reviews

Check out these reviews of Brent’s books:

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Social Media and Internet Posts

Conscious Movie Reviews

Looking for suggestions about consciously oriented films? Visit the Conscious Film Reviews board on Pinterest, featuring posts about Brent’s online movie reviews.

Seeing is Believing

Even though Brent would probably disagree, it’s been said that pictures speak louder than words. To see a gallery of “vocal” images that address his work, visit Beliefnet for a sample of movie stills that bring his ideas to life.

Do You Like What You See?

That’s an intriguing question -- and the title of an excerpt from Third Real: Conscious Creation Goes Back to the Movies, available by clicking here on the web site of The Sync Movie, creators of the thought-provoking film, “Time is Art.”