Brent’s Writing Philosophy

It’s often been said that “Life is what you make of it.” But how exactly does that happen? That’s the focus of the writings of award-winning author and film analyst Brent Marchant. Through his books and numerous online posts, Brent approaches this subject by exploring the principles of “conscious creation” (also known as “the law of attraction”), particularly how they’re illustrated through film. In doing so, the author examines the wisdom of this time-honored philosophy from a unique perspective, driving it home with an enlightening—and entertaining—approach.

Through his books Get the Picture?!: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies (ISBN 978-1505570166, 2014), Consciously Created Cinema: The Movie Lover’s Guide to the Law of Attraction  (ISBN 978-1495976643, 2014) and Third Real: Conscious Creation Goes Back to the Movies (ISBN 978-1976207501, 2017), Brent shows us how what we experience is a product of what we believe. By outlining conscious creation principles with examples from the world of film, Marchant provides a cinematic road map to understanding how the world around us arises from our personal worlds within.

In addition to shedding light on how we view our world and how it materializes, Brent believes that conscious creation teaches us about valuable personal empowerment practices. At its core, he contends, the philosophy maintains that we “consciously,” rather than randomly, create our reality through our beliefs and intents. But being aware of those beliefs and intents is the key. According to Brent, we often believe that most of what occurs in our lives happens to us. We’re often quick to put the blame on fate or luck when something unpleasant occurs. But, Brent adds, that can all be turned around by employing the concepts of conscious creation, which can change our worldview—and ourselves—for the better.

Movies are good teachers in this regard, and that’s where Brent’s writings come into play. From a conscious creation standpoint, Brent maintains that movies frequently show us the principles of this philosophy at work, often serving as personal mirrors. When we witness a character’s triumphs (or mistakes) on screen and how they either learn (or don’t learn) from them, we have an opportunity to learn about ourselves. Viewers can analyze how the character’s thoughts and actions influence the world they live in, Brent says, and that, in turn, can provide us with insights into how our own worldviews create the world around us.

Brent’s writings explore the foregoing notions in depth. For an overview of his thoughts about conscious creation and the movies, check out his article on the subject, “Conscious Creation and the Silver Screen,” available for PDF download by clicking here.

Author photo by Jill Brazel, Jill Norton Photography,