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Rest Well, My Friend

Many of you may not know the name Mary Dillman. But those of you who do are no doubt familiar with her many lasting accomplishments – not just those of her own, but also those of others she helped inspire. I can speak to that, since I’m one of them. And now that she’s transitioned to another state of existence, the strength and magnitude of her legacy are sure to take on added importance, not just for those whom she touched, but also to the newcomers who will undoubtedly by drawn to her work and that of her kindreds.

For many years, Mary was a tireless and passionate advocate of the conscious creation process, the philosophy that maintains we manifest the reality we experience through the power of our thoughts, beliefs and intents. Inspired by the writings of author and visionary Jane Roberts and her noncorporeal channeled entity Seth, conscious creation has enlightened and empowered many of us to become our best, truest selves for our personal betterment and that of those around us. And, for her part, Mary made it possible for many of us to come to know this body of work through her ongoing research into the material, particularly through studies of Jane’s published works, networking with those who knew the author and investigations into the little-known gems tucked away in the Roberts archives at the Yale University library.

In a similar vein, Mary was an accomplished facilitator, helping others launch conscious creation-related endeavors of their own. She was proficient at forging connections and collaborations between conscious creation practitioners to help them initiate projects aimed at spreading the word about this tremendously impactful philosophy. In fact, if it weren’t for Mary, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t be reading this blog right now – nor any of the other related books and web posts that I’ve penned over the years – since she facilitated the connection that led to the publication of my first title in 2007 (and everything else that has flowed from it since then). And that, in turn, helped foster the many new rewarding professional connections and friendships that I’ve made in that time. If that’s not proof of what this tremendously powerful doctrine can do, I don’t know what is.

I, like many others, owe much to Mary for helping us to realize our dreams. Thank you, my friend. Rest well, and relish all those grand new adventures in the joys of creation that you’re no doubt experiencing now.

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