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Follow Me on New Consciousness Review

I’m pleased to announce that I have become a contributor to New Consciousness Review! In this capacity, I will be contributing articles to NCR‘s quarterly magazine and film reviews to its web site. The first of those reviews, a look at the recently released metaphysical saga “The Last Avatar,” is available by clicking here.

In addition, I will be appearing as a regular film reviewer on NCR‘s radio show with host Miriam Knight, which is available by clicking the radio show tab on the web site’s home page. My first show appearance, as part of the NCR Reviewers Round Table series, will air beginning on Tuesday March 3 with reviews of “Still Alice,” “Wild,” “Cake” and “The Last Avatar.” Be sure to tune in for some fascinating conversation about consciousness-related books and movies with my fellow reviewers Miriam Knight and Cynthia Sue Larson.

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