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‘Time is Art’ seeks to reshape how we see reality

Think you understand how reality works? Are you sure? The answer may not be as simple – or as clear – as you’ve been led to believe. When such uncertainty begins to creep into one’s worldview, it may be time to search for a new understanding. That’s precisely what’s behind a bold new film project currently in development, “Time is Art.”

When writer Jennifer Palmer underwent a profound experience as a result of the passing of a loved one, the once-spiritually skeptical scribe set off on a new path of self-discovery. In seeking to define this new awareness, Palmer found herself investigating a variety of metaphysical and spiritual disciplines and practices to look for answers. The process brought her into contact with an array of enlightened teachers, practitioners, artists and activists, all of whom she engaged in a series of thoughtful conversations that have been documented in this film.

Palmer’s dialogues cover a range of topics and the benefits they potentially afford. Among the subjects addressed are dream work, ancient mysteries, cosmology and intuition, to name a few. Speakers include such new thought luminaries as Rupert Sheldrake, Daniel Pinchbeck, Graham Hancock, Amy Lansky and Jocelyn James.

And what conclusions did the tour guide of this metaphysical journey discover? That’s the real beauty of this work. Realizations about our inherent connectedness, our evolving mindset, our vastly underrated capabilities and the value of synchronicities become clear, all helping us to frame a new world – and a new future – for ourselves. In moving away from a materialistic way of living to one that’s inherently more focused on expressing our innate creativity, we’re witnessing a significant paradigm shift in which the prevailing thinking is changing from the notion that “time is money” to, as the film’s title suggests, “Time is Art.”

Having been fortunate to screen an initial version of the film, I can say that even this rough cut is something worth seeing. It delivers an important message, one that we can each benefit from, and it does so in a compelling, beautiful package with stunning visuals and an engaging soundtrack. And, even though many worthwhile films in this genre have been released in recent years, “Time is Art” could well prove to be one of the most important offerings in this vein.

The film is produced and directed by the husband and wife team of Joél Mejia and Katy Walker of Things are Changing Productions. The filmmakers are currently seeking to secure distribution, but, in the meantime, they have launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $25,000 to bring the picture to completion for a worldwide release in three languages on November 11, 2015 (11/11/15). Considering what the filmmakers have come up with so far, I can hardly wait to see what the finished product looks like.

Given the state of flux that our world is currently in, we can use all the guidance available to us. The wisdom of those featured in this film can aid us tremendously in helping us discover (and live up to) our potential for bringing about an existence truly worth experiencing, one in which the artist in us all is at last given license to express itself in all its glory.

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