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A Rant

I rarely engage in rants on this page, but, on this issue, I’m willing to make an exception. So here goes.

AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron has proposed relaxing his theaters’ restrictions on texting and cell phone use. His reason is that the current restrictions are off-putting to younger viewers, who seem to have trouble making it through watching a movie without having to tinker with their electronic devices. (Read more by clicking here.)

So what do I think? Grow the hell up, people.

At the risk of sounding like an intolerant old fart, this is nothing but blatant pandering and enabling to an already-spoiled generation with an unbridled sense of entitlement. If people (particularly younger viewers) can’t sit long enough to get through a movie without having to play with their cell phones, then they should just stay home and watch movies there. Please don’t bother those of us who take our moviegoing experiences seriously with your annoying lack-of-attention-span habits.

I sincerely hope AMC gives serious consideration to public opposition to this proposal. If you feel as I do, please let the theater chain know how you feel and keep this ridiculous idea from taking root.

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