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Keeping Ourselves Honest

When life doesn’t turn out as hoped for, we often scratch our heads in bewilderment. “Why did that happen?” we ask ourselves. It’s at that point when we should probably take a look at the integrity of the beliefs that manifested such experiences. Find out more by reading “Keeping Ourselves Honest,” my latest article in the Conscious Cinema series of New Consciousness Review magazine, available by clicking here.

In addition, this latest edition of the magazine features the HAPI Guide, a valuable resource that lists the profiles and contact information of professionals whose practices focus on Happiness, Awakening, Purpose and Inspiration. The listings cover professionals working in a wide range of services and disciplines. (You just might find a profile for someone you know, too.) And, as always, there’s an array of articles covering many topics from spirituality to healthy living, so be sure to check it out to find everything it has to offer!

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