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Introducing Life Quote Journal

I’m thrilled to announce that I have been named a contributing writer for the new online magazine, Life Quote Journal. Dubbed “Inspiration for the Modern Warrior,” this uplifting new publication features an array of enlightening articles on a wide range of subjects, drawing heavily from the power of story and the experiences of its distinguished team of contributors.

As for my role, I will be submitting survey pieces about inspiring films that offer readers examples of how movies illustrate the principles of conscious creation (also known as the law of attraction). This powerful approach to examining how cinema can aid in our personal growth and development puts an enlightening and entertaining spin on this subject, showing how we can both learn and enjoy ourselves at the same time. The specific topics covered in these articles are tied to the issues’ inspiring themes, all of which are sure to move and motivate readers in myriad ways. My first submission, “The Power of Story Told Through Film,” appears in the magazine’s May issue.

Life Quote Journal’s 10-issue annual publication schedule launched in April, and both that edition and the May issue are now available online. For subscription information, click here. Enjoy these jam-packed issues of uplifting and entertaining reading!

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