“Lamb” (“Dýrið“)


Metacritic (9/10), Rotten Tomatoes (****+)

What a refreshing surprise! This unusual blend of mystery, horror, folk tale, and dark, offbeat comedy will easily tickle those whose funny bones lean toward the strange and macabre. When a childless Icelandic sheep herding farm couple finds a surprise in their barn, it sends them down a path strewn with happiness, tragedy, karma and more than a few surprises. Writer-director Valdimar Jóhannsson’s debut feature definitely won’t appeal to everyone, but those who appreciate fresh, inventive material will love this immensely creative offering, told with subtle, tongue-in-cheek wit, gorgeous cinematography and a style that relies more on showing than telling. Imagine a contemporary story told in the style of a Grimms fairy tale, and you’ve got a pretty good idea what’s in store in this stylish, hilarious, creepy and darkly charming release.