“Mr. Nobody”


Metacritic (9/10), Rotten Tomatoes (****+)

I have to wonder how this superb 2009 production/2013 release slipped under my radar, but I’m certainly glad I found it. This ambitious attempt at answering many of the big questions about the meaning of life, love and what matters does a tremendous job of exploring these topics and in a way that’s entertaining, enlightening and informative. Fans of the metaphysical, like yours truly, are sure to feel sufficiently nourished after watching this one, as it provides a cogent, accessible treatise on these subjects, effectively incorporating them into a thoroughly captivating narrative. Admittedly there are a few stretches where the pacing lags a bit, but that’s more than made up for by the film’s inventive visuals, brilliant production design, excellent soundtrack, clever editing, and fine performances by Jared Leto, Diane Kruger and Sarah Polley. Think of this one as a fusion of “What the Bleep Do We Know” (2004), “Cloud Atlas” (2012), “What Dreams May Come” (1998), “The World According to Garp” (1982) and additional offerings, and you’ve got an idea what this one is like. However, if you’re unwilling to open your mind to some of the cutting-edge thinking presented here, then skip this one, as it probably won’t be to your liking. But, if you enjoy the unconventional and thought-provoking, this one will be right up your alley. If nothing else, this legacy release is definitely a refreshing change from all of this year’s mediocre and tedious awards season offerings that are erroneously being passed off as “masterpieces.”