A Round-up of New Movies in Theaters, Online and Available for Home Viewing



The once-controversial topic of gays in the military has settled down somewhat from its flashpoint status years ago (even if …
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How do we know when we’re in love? And, even if we suspect we are, how do we know if …
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'The Pigeon Tunnel'

‘The Pigeon Tunnel’

Getting inside the head of a spy is undoubtedly challenging; getting inside the head of a novelist who was once …
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'After Death'

‘After Death’

Talking about the subject of Near Death Experiences (NDEs) was once about as taboo as speaking about UFOs or seeing …
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'Alien Island' ('Isla Alien')

‘Alien Island’ (‘Isla Alien’)

Urban legends have a way of taking on lives of their own. So it was in Chile in the mid-1980s, …
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'The Beautiful Summer' ('La bella estate')

‘The Beautiful Summer’ (‘La bella estate’)

It’s frustrating to watch a film that’s ostensibly headed along a particular trajectory but that continually stumbles on the path …
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'La Chimera' ('The Chimera')

‘La Chimera’ (‘The Chimera’)

When an English tomb raider (Josh O’Connor) skilled at dowsing uses his skills to hunt down buried Etruscan artifacts, he …
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'No Accident'

‘No Accident’

Seeking justice in high-profile court cases is a common theme in films about the judicial system, one that’s frequently characterized …
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'Bye Bye Tiberias' ('Bye Bye Tibériade')

‘Bye Bye Tiberias’ (‘Bye Bye Tibériade’)

Memorializing one’s family history is an exercise that can provide a valuable record of our relatives’ past and establish the …
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