A Round-up of New Movies in Theaters, Online and Available for Home Viewing

'No U-Turn'

‘No U-Turn’

The quest for a better life is often a challenging undertaking, but, for some, it’s more difficult than others. That’s …
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'On the Bridge' ('Sur le pont')

‘On the Bridge’ (‘Sur le pont’)

What exactly happens at the end of life? As we transition from this world to whatever comes next, what can …
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'Stand Up'

‘Stand Up’

It’s been said that misery loves company – and, as this film illustrates, it apparently loves comedy, too. But, as …
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'The Big Bend'

‘The Big Bend’

We all reach significant turning points in our lives, and we’re not always prepared for how to deal with them …
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'The Moon & Back'

‘The Moon & Back’

Coming of age can be difficult enough, but, when we lose someone who has been a source of valuable guidance …
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'Triangle of Sadness'

‘Triangle of Sadness’

Is turnabout fair play? That’s a good question, one that’s put to the test in this outrageously hilarious new sociopolitical …
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Rarely does a film come along that captures and fuses feelings of outrage and heartache as effectively as “Till does.” …
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'Bad Roads' ('Plokhiye dorogi')

‘Bad Roads’ (‘Plokhiye dorogi’)

The indignities of war can be horrendous, if not downright repulsive. And, while it’s important that these atrocities are not …
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Unquestionably one of the most unusual offerings of 2022. And, while much of writer-director Todd Field’s latest – his first …
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