A Round-up of New Movies in Theaters, Online and Available for Home Viewing

'Gemmel and Tim'

‘Gemmel and Tim’

Delving into the murky waters of a criminal investigation can be tricky business. So it was in the questionable deaths …
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'The Other Tom' ('El otro Tom')

‘The Other Tom’ (‘El otro Tom’)

When does concerned helpfulness turn into invasive intrusiveness? For the parents of children suffering from conditions like ADHD, there’s a …
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'Samichay: In Search of Happiness" ("Samichay")

‘Samichay: In Search of Happiness” (“Samichay”)

It’s one thing for a movie to strive for greatness; it’s something else to try too hard in achieving it …
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'Cat Daddies'

‘Cat Daddies’

Director Mye Hoang’s adorable documentary about our furry feline friends is the kind of movie that will undeniably have viewers …
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'Mama Bears'

‘Mama Bears’

When faced with a hard choice, what is one to do? For the fundamentalist Christian mothers of LGBTQ+ children, that’s …
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'Queen of Glory'

‘Queen of Glory’

To paraphrase an old adage, you can take someone out of their native culture, but you can’t take the native …
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Justice ignored is indeed justice denied. What’s more, it’s an open invitation to things easily getting out of hand as …
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Standing one’s ground in the face of extreme adversity – especially in dealings in which one has no vested stake …
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'Ali & Ava'

‘Ali & Ava’

Love stories have been a staple of the movie industry almost as long as there have been movies. But, for …
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