A Round-up of New Movies in Theaters, Online and Available for Home Viewing

'American Fiction'

‘American Fiction’

It’s frustrating to watch a much-anticipated movie that doesn’t quite live up to expectations. Such is the case with writer-director …
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'Earth Mama'

‘Earth Mama’

This is one of those films that leaves me with decidedly mixed feelings. It’s definitely a showcase for writer-director Savanah …
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'No Hard Feelings'

‘No Hard Feelings’

It’s always a pleasure to come across a film that surprises, and writer-director Gene Stupnitsky’s second feature outing does just …
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'Poor Things'

‘Poor Things’

When the circumstances of our lives don’t suit us, it’s time to reinvent ourselves – something that happens both literally …
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'Concrete Utopia' ('Konkeuriteu yutopia')

‘Concrete Utopia’ (‘Konkeuriteu yutopia’)

When everything falls apart, it’s hard to know what will happen, especially in relations between survivors. Will mankind pull together …
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'The Mission'

‘The Mission’

Is religious missionary work an act of altruism or arrogance? Does it represent a quest for the fulfillment of one’s …
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Sometimes you come across a filmmaker whose works you just don’t like. And now, after two features in, I can …
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'Leave the World Behind'

‘Leave the World Behind’

What would you do if you suddenly began experiencing a series of anomalous, apocalyptic-style events? With communications crippled and transportation …
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'Fallen Leaves' ('Kuolleet lehdet')

‘Fallen Leaves’ (‘Kuolleet lehdet’)

It’s not much of a secret that the worldview of Finnish society can be more than a little bleak. At …
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