A Round-up of New Movies in Theaters, Online and Available for Home Viewing

'Come Here' ('Jia Jumlong')

‘Come Here’ (‘Jia Jumlong’)

I’m all for cinematic experimentation in the movies. But I draw the line at productions that play like self-indulgent film …
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'My Brothers Dream Awake' ('Mis hermanos sueñan despiertos')

‘My Brothers Dream Awake’ (‘Mis hermanos sueñan despiertos’)

When two teenage brothers are confined in a Chilean provincial juvenile detention center, they dream of life outside their prison …
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'Captain Volkonogov Escaped' ('Kapitan Volonogov bezhal')

‘Captain Volkonogov Escaped’ (‘Kapitan Volonogov bezhal’)

What does it take to attain forgiveness? That’s what a secret police operative in pre-World War II Leningrad seeks when …
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'Acts of Love'

‘Acts of Love’

When director Isidore Bethel’s relationship with an older man sours, he takes a break from things and relocates from Mexico …
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'Madeleine Collins'

‘Madeleine Collins’

Sustaining suspense and keeping viewers guessing for nearly two hours is quite a feat, but writer-director Antoine Barraud successfully manages …
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'The Gravedigger's Wife' ('Guled and Nasra')

‘The Gravedigger’s Wife’ (‘Guled and Nasra’)

What lengths would you go to for the one you love? That’s the core question in this multinational production about …
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'Skál' ('Cheers')

‘Skál’ (‘Cheers’)

Though billed as a documentary, this captivating release plays more like a docu-drama or even a big screen version of …
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'Robust' ('Robuste')

‘Robust’ (‘Robuste’)

When an aging, eccentric, cantankerous actor with health issues and a host of insecurities loses his body guard to several …
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'Friends and Strangers'

‘Friends and Strangers’

I’ll come right to the point about this one – it sucks, and in more ways than I can count …
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